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Precision EDM Machining

Unusual or miniature parts require extreme accuracy. As part of the ISO9001:2000 registered Arbiser Machine, our Precision EDM shop specializes in challanging projects with exacting specifications and tight turn around times. With our sister company, we are able to complete jobs that require other machining processes in addtion to Precision EDM. Grinding, milling, and turning for the general preparation of the blanks for the wire EDM process can all be completed under one roof. We also have CNC bar-fed lathes for turning and several 4-axis CNC milling machines as well as an assortment of manual machines in our 25,000 sq ft of manufacturing area.

Like all our services, Precision EDM machining is performed by highly qualified personnel in an expidited time frame. Send us your specifications and we will quote your job in 4 hours or less.

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