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CMM Services | Atlanta EDM
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CMM Services

CMM Services
Our 5-Axis, CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is made to generate lightning fast inspections. With a travel of 29 x 40 inches long we can inspect multiple parts while printing dedicated discrepancy reports. With CMM Services from Atlanta EDM, we are able to reverse engineer your parts that may not have a drawing. The CMM will automatically go around a part, touching the part while making a drawing on the screen. We then download this data directly to the wire EDM machines and your part is ready to ship!

Computerized Vision

Is a feature of your part too small to measure with convetional CMM Services? Micrometers and CMM probes can’t always measure the finest of features. Try measuring the profile on the end of a needle. For fine details we blow the feature up from 34X to 350X on the monitor and identify and measure enlarged features via computer. Reverse engineering is possible utilizing the Computerized Vision process as it was through our CMM Service.

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