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Our Wire EDM Machinery

Friday October 08, 2010 - Atlanta EDM utilizes some of the fastest wire EDM machinery in the industry. Our 3R stainless and ground tooling allows us to maximize time in and out of our wire EDM equipment. This means that no time is wasted on your project and you can have your parts back as quickly as possible.

However, just because our machines function at a faster speed does not indicate that our products are not quality. Our wire EDM machinery can cut anything, from the thickness of simple tinfoil to 16" of hardened steel. We also regularly service all of our equipment to guarantee that all of our wire EDM equipment runs as effectively as possible.

Located in Atlanta, GA, Atlanta EDM is a full service wire EDM shop with other areas of expertise including small hole EDM, EDM hole popping, CMM services and precision EDM machining.

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