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EDM Hole Popper

Monday November 30, 2009 - Using a very small brass or copper tube as an electrode, the EDM hole popper is able to blast a hole through the toughest metals. EDM hole poppers have an extremely aggressive power supply which makes them able to create holes very quickly. Great for starter holes for wire EDM projects or those times in which holes must be made after a heat treating or tempering process, after the workpiece has been hardened. To give you an example, we are able to put a .040" hole through an inch and a half, hardened A2, 60Rc tool steel (hardness that a hand file couldn't touch) in about 45 seconds!

EDM hole popper's cutting is done by a rapid pulsing of sparks from the electrode to the workpiece. This spark erodes the workpiece and the fluid in which the workpiece is submerged acts to flush the waste material away. After a multitude of these cycles the whole is created through the material without the electrode ever coming in contact with the workpiece.

Atlanta EDM is able to pop holes in a wide variety of sizes down from .012 inches to .120 inches through up to 13 inches of any kind of steel.

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