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EDM Machine Shops

Thursday November 19, 2009 - EDM Machine shops utilize the latest technology to provide ever increasing accuracy and speed. Atlanta EDM has created proprietary system settings that allow them to control the spark beyond factory settings which allows them to further maximize performance. Increasing the performance of the machinery translates to savings for their customers.

Increasing speeds at EDM machine shops can mean the loss of quality but Atlanta EDM's commitment to quality is unwavering using technology to push the limits of what the machinery is capable of. EDM machine shops often stack parts to take advantage of economies of scale but this practice often results in tapered holes and other inconsistencies. Even when stacking thin parts up to 50 high, tolerances of up to .0002" are routinely met by the team at Atlanta EDM. Another mark of excellence comes in the form of their ISO9001 certification with the mother company Arbiser Machine, which reiterates a strong commitment to consistency, accuracy and speed.

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