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Our Wire EDM Machinery
October 08, 2010
- At Atlanta EDM, we use some of the fastest and most expertly tooled Wire EDM machines more
EDM Job Shop
July 13, 2010
- For quality and quick turnaround, turn to the area's premier EDM Job Shop, Atlanta more
EDM Hole Popper
November 30, 2009
- EDM hole popper's cutting is done by a rapid pulsing of sparks from the electrode to the workpiece. This spark erodes the workpiece and the fluid in which the workpiece is submerged acts to flush the waste material away. more
Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
November 25, 2009
- This technique is especially suited for those tasks which require cutting very hard metals and those that are not easily milled with other techniques. With that said, softer materials like Aluminum or bronze can be easily cut as more
Coordinate Measuring Machine
November 23, 2009
- Atlanta EDM makes use of a automated 5 axis coordinate measuring machine for product inspection. The advantages of this equipment over the typical bridge CMM include reduced measurement times and more accurate part geometries. more
EDM Machine Shops
November 19, 2009
- Atlanta EDM has created proprietary system settings that allow them to control the spark beyond factory settings which allows them to further maximize performance. Increasing the performance of the machinery translates to savings for their customers. more
EDM and Molybdenum
August 25, 2009
- EDM process and more
EDM Titanium
August 05, 2009
- EDM titanium quickly and more
History of EDM
June 30, 2009
- Learn the beginnings of EDM beginning in more
Launch of the new Atlanta EDM Website
May 14, 2009
- Atlanta EDM announces it's new, updated website. more
Launch of Non-Linear Motor
May 06, 2009
- Atlanta EDM is happy to announce the launch of our new non-linear motor Wire EDM machine. Brought online for 2009, the new machine combines glass scale accuracy with no-backlash nonlinear technology which makes this an accurate addition to our EDM family of more